Monday, February 16, 2009

Cat photos

Not much into photos of cats but this one is an exception since it's the other way around, photos 'taken' by a cat! :)

Read the original story here:

"Seattle filmmakers Michael and Deirdre Cross weren't expecting the smallest member of their family to take after them, but he did.

For one day a week over the span of a year, Cooper carried a camera around to document his travels around his Greenwood neighborhood. The pictures he brought back range from the mundane to the sublime: neighbors' yards, busy streets, plastic flamingos on the Cross' front lawn and one spot where he spent a lot of time bird-watching."

Nothing exceptional but a bit cool anyway. Next step is a live feed. Wonder what the authorities would think about that?!


  1. Funny how crap photos suddenly becomes art. I mean, it's not like the cat decided to take a snap. They just hung a camera on the ignorant thing and made him walk around while the camera took photos all by itself.

  2. There's much art out there that's crap! :)

    But it's still better that photos of cats. ;)