Thursday, January 15, 2009

Indiana Jones goes plastic!

What to do with 5 million LEGO-bricks?

Build a giant LEGO-boulder so you can reenact the 'boulder chase' scene from Iniana Jones of course!

Not without some minor glitches... =)


  1. Why did they not make it round?

    Why did they not use a closed street?

    Did LEGO endorse this madness by donating the bricks needed?

  2. Isn't it round? It's rolling. :)

    Maybe the street was closed?

    Good question, they seemed to have a lot of resources... Renting a truck and all.

  3. Renting a truck is much cheaper than 5 million 2x4-bricks...

  4. Indeed, but still expensive. But it's a valid question!

    Bricklink perhaps?

  5. You'd need to scavenge a lot of BrickLink stores to come up with 5 million bricks (the one holding the most at the moment has some 18,000 bricks), but then again just building the darn thing would take forever.

    They seem to cost $0.20 on BrickLink so that's still approximately $1,000,000...

  6. Also, that thing would weigh some 11,6 metric tonne! According to BrickLink one brick is 2.32 grams. That poor Previa should've been torn on impact.

    Something is pretty faked with that video. But cool none the less. :)

  7. Where did you get the five million from anyway? In the video the guy in the fez say: "Like, a million of these. Like a million..."

    But that's still 2,32 metric tonne and $200,000.

    I'll leave this alone now. ;)

  8. There's a good aswer to the wight problem, and then some... =)