Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ah! Young again!

Ok, this story needs some explanation first, for the people living outside Scandinavia.

In Sweden we have a state-controlled company (Systembolaget) for the sale of alcoholic beverages and the legal age to buy alcohol at the special shops is 20.

Yesterday was my 37:th birthday and this Saturday I will hold a party so I went to Systembolaget to fill up my private 'stock' and when I got to the counter to pay for my goods the female cashier asked me to show some ID! =)

I gave her my drivers license and she noticed my birth date and she said 'Congratulations, even if it's a day late'. She said that a beard is not enough to convince her that you are at legal age to buy alcohol. Well, at my age to be forced to show ID can only be interpret as a compliment!

Then she added that the whisky I bought was a clue to my older age, it's not one of the most expensive but it's no cheap one either and would probably not be something a youngster would buy! The Glenmorangie is a single malt with a lot of flavour but it's not as smokey as many of the single malts tend to be and that's more to my taste.

When I got home I noticed that the bottle had got a new shape, I like it, looks more interesting than the old regular shaped bottle. Did a short photo shoot of it:

Good stuff..

Quite pleased with the result, took over 40 photos, struggling with the external flash (Nikon SB800), used the Nikon D90 and the Nikkor 50mm/f 1.8 D.


  1. Nice photo! Taking good photos of beverages is hard.

    Systembolaget is fun, even when I buy a lot of expensive and unusual beer I have to show my ID.

  2. Thanks, took some effort to get it somewhat decent!

    Food in general is hard to get good photos of, mostly look like something bad. :)